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Response Rate on Cold Emails

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Ep 2: How 1 Entrepreneur Went From 0% to 20% Response Rate on Cold Emails

Wouldn’t we all like to be getting a 60 to 70% open rate with a 20% response rate on our cold emails?

On this episode, Juhan Kaarma tells us how he did it.

Juhan is the Co-Founder of ChatCreate, a company that helps users get a support boot up and running in 1 afternoon.

What we talked about:

  • How to increase your response rate on email
  • How to increase your open rate
  • Keeping emails simple
  • Why you shouldn’t send too many follow ups

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This episode is featuring

Juhan Kaarma

Juhan Kaarma is a Co-founder of ChatCreate. At ChatCreate, he's helping live chat support teams answer their customers' burning questions instantly. With ChatCreate's easy-to-use chatbot tool, support managers can setup and maintain chatbots themselves.

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