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Ep 131: How To Create a Personalized and Interactive Online Shopping Experience with Frost Li

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Ep 131: How To Create a Personalized and Interactive Online Shopping Experience with Frost Li

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Problem: How can e-commerce sellers build direct connections and deeper relationships with their customers?

Many e-commerce sellers have not adapted to the new demands and consumer behaviors that have rapidly changed during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, everyone started shopping online. Yet the online store has really not been changing for the last five to 10 years. It’s almost like a static catalog.

Creating an Interactive, Highly Personalized Shopping Experience

To meet your customer’s expectations as a merchant in the online space, truly connect with them, and build long-lasting relationships, you have to create a more personal and interactive shopping experience.

When consumers start shopping online more often, they really are anticipating a better service, more interactive. They can talk to a concierge, they can join a live shopping event, just like how they have in the store. They can hear other shoppers talking about the brand. They can share their thoughts. And ideally, they really get a personalized experience. Like how we go to our favorite shops.

Tip #1: Make Your Website More Interactive

By making your website more interactive, you are able to recreate certain aspects of the in-person shopping experience that will make the interaction between the brand and customers feel more like a natural conversation.

We led the brands to run all these life shopping events and recommend all these events to customers when they are shopping at different sections of the store. So we can think about in real life when we’re shopping in the store, if you are looking at the male section of jeans and I’m looking at the female section of jewelry, we’ll be invited to learn different knowledge about the products and potentially different demos by the store representative. And it’s the same way on the e-commerce store. Right? Which pages you’re engaging, what are your browsing habits should lead you to different content and interactive content as well.

Tip #2: Make Your Service More Personal

Engaging with your customers by sharing positive comments or feedback while they are looking at a product is an effective way to convince them that buying that product is the right decision.

It’s almost like a concierge service, but we also have the more like mass events. So sometimes, the store is just really more like a tutorial. For example, they just want to show, Hey, we just launched this new product. And then let me show you on the model, how we use it, or this is the supplement that we are selling. Let me tell you scientifically, why is it helping you to get healthier and what kind of person should actually be taking it. So those kinds of really educational piece.

Tip #3: Let Your Customers Interact

When you let your customers interact amongst themselves online and exchange their thoughts, they can act as social proof and convince each other to purchase.

Sometimes it’s not only the brand that is selling to the customers. The customers are talking to each other, like, like, Hey, how do you think about that piece? then they convince each other with social proof, that this is really something for themselves.

Tip #4: Listen to the Feedback Loop

Listening to your customers will help you to better understand their needs, make shopping for them easier, and build stronger connections.

So when we make it more interactive, I think the beautiful thing is that we are able to show to the brands. Okay. What content did people to come first? So maybe if you just have more tutorials than people will buy, maybe all people need is a personalized answer because your size chart is not traditional. Then maybe you just change the size chart. It will just work. So I did this feedback piece of deep analytics of all the user behaviors and serving to the brand. Also help the brand to move, closer and closer to their customers.

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About the guest

Frost Li

This episode features Frost Li

Frost Li is a former Head of Growth at Wish, Advisor at Y combinator, and Growth Advisor to Lyft/Pinterest. After 10+ years in the e-commerce space, Frost has created the platform Social Chat as a solution for online merchants to interact with customers as if they are shopping in-store, and to provide real-time suggestions and recommendations via live chat.

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