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Ep 3: 3x Founder Matic Užmah Shares 3 Keys to a Successful Venture

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Ep 3: 3x Founder Matic Užmah Shares 3 Keys to a Successful Venture

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"Stick with what you know, the market you know, and the customers you know."

He didn’t start 1 company. He started 3. Sold 1. And he’s onto his next 2 already.

Meet Matic Užmah on this episode of the How We Solve podcast, as he shares his view of what makes a venture successful.

What we talked about:

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This episode is featuring

Matic Uzmah

Matic Uzmah

Matic is a SaaS founder, who recently sold his company, SupportHero, In-App self-help support tool that provides an advanced knowledge base system for SaaS apps - www.supporthero.io. Support Hero has proven highly effective, helping businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, streamline customer support requirements and reduce support tickets by up to 50%. The company got acquired in March 2019. He co-founded referral tracking software, ReferralMagic, and Contact Dome, an app that helps to discover the full potential of your network and unlock hidden opportunities - Contactdome.com.

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