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Ep 80: How to Reposition Your Business with Chala Dincoy

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Ep 80: How to Reposition Your Business with Chala Dincoy

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Problem: How to Position Your Business

If you’re having problems positioning your business or getting your business in front of the right people, The Repositioning Expert, Chala Dincoy can help you stand out and get in front. In today’s episode, Chala will be taking a look at the steps you need to take to have successful repositioning strategy

The Steps to Position Your Business

The Elevator Pitch Formula

Your elevator pitch is the first thing that everyone sees. Chala explains that if your elevator pitch is a mess, it is probably a good clue that your strategy is also a mess.

Well, the elevator pitch is just the lipstick on the pig, right? It’s just the tip of, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg is the positioning.

Three out of four business owners never get asked for their information or their business card or a meeting after they’ve introduced themselves to their prospect. What I do is I fix what they’re saying so every hello turns into a request for a meeting.

The formula for a great elevator pitch is: 

  • The who (your target market)
  • The problem you solve (the biggest problem)
  • How you solve the problem
  • Your result

Embrace Your Niche

When you focus on your niche and are more specific about who you want to talk to, that’s when your elevator pitch will be most powerful: when it can really target your market.

So that’s one of the mistakes that people make is that they do not speak to a specific target in their messaging and in their marketing.

Ask a Question

In order to engage people in conversation and make sure they are paying attention to your conversation, ask them questions about themselves or their companies.

We normally just run on autopilot. Like right now, you guys are on autopilot, just listening to me. But if I were to ask you a question, then your creative mind wakes up. When you’re asking someone a question, you immediately get them to pay more attention. So why not get them to start paying more attention when you’re introducing yourself.

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About the guest

Chala Dincoy reposition your brand

Chala Dincoy

Chala is the founder and CEO of The Repositioning Expert, a division of Coachtactics. She is a marketing consultant, an author, public speaker, and has been a featured expert on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS. Her passions lie with her family, scuba diving, working out, and her Kindle addiction.

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