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Ep 72: How to Convert Abandoned Carts Into Additional Revenue with Lisa Popovici, from Cartloop

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Ep 72: How to Convert Abandoned Carts Into Additional Revenue with Lisa Popovici, from Cartloop

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Problem: How to Convert Abandoned Carts Into Additional Revenue

Lisa and her team at Cartloop focus on creating a connection with the customers of clients in order to give them personalized customer support. But Lisa didn’t figure this out at the beginning of her journey. It wasn’t until she reached out to a customer, that she realized that SMS is an important lead she had been missing out on.

That’s when we realized that traditional marketing strategies weren’t enough anymore. By only sending out emails, we were missing out on actual marketing leads.

Using Conversational SMS to Turn Abandoned Carts to Additional Revenue

In order to bring in the lost revenue from abandoned carts, you first need to know why your customers abandoned their carts in the first place. This is one of the things that Cartloop can do for you.

Step #1: Be Aware of the Reasons Why People Abandoned Their Carts: 

  1. Payment issues
  2. Unexpected fees
  3. Technical issues
  4. Trust issues
  5. Not enough information about products

These reasons have easy solutions, if you know that the problem exists. Doing this research is important. 

Being there at the right moment makes a really big difference.

Step #2: Inter-conversational SMS versus One-Off or Transactional SMS Marketing

Transactional SMS Marketing is only a one-way text. It is a blast that you send to every contact you have. The main difference between this and conversational SMS is that there is no conversation with transactional SMS. You send the blast and don’t respond to questions. There is no follow-up.

The great part about conversational SMS is that you’re building trust and maintaining that connection with those contacts by talking with them instead of at them. It is important to make it personalized as well. While that might take more time, it is an important step in building and maintaining that relationship.

[Conversational SMS] is an ongoing relationship builder.

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About the guest

lisa popovici

Lisa Popovici

Lisa is the co-founder and COO of Cartloop, a brand sales and support team in one app. Cartloop focuses on having a team of real people that convert abandoned carts by texting shoppers.

How people can people reach the guest:

Website: Cartloop

LinkedIn: Lisa Popovici

Twitter: @LisaPopovici

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