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Ep 71: How to Put Your Buyers First with Daniel Viduya of TaskDrive

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Ep 71: How to Put Your Buyers First with Daniel Viduya of TaskDrive

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Problem: How to Put your Buyers First

Research is an integral part of B2B sales. Sales development teams spend countless hours looking through posts on social media and on the internet, listening to podcasts, in order to find information that will connect them to the prospects they are trying to relate to in order to have meaningful conversations. 

That’s where TaskDrive comes into play. […] TaskDrive is a market research company. We operate as a ‘people as a service’ model where we do the legwork of doing contact lead research.

The Steps to Putting Your Buyers First

Selling products post-pandemic is a different ballgame from selling products pre-pandemic. We must shift our mindset and thinking to a “buyers first” system. So how do you put your buyers first?

Step #1: Outline Your Sales Development Process

The right people doing the right research

Make sure the right people are doing the right kind of research. Make sure that your lead research team is doing their job so your sales team can do theirs. If your sales team is doing the job of your lead research team, that’s less time for them to do what they do best: sell.

The pandemic has really made a big difference when it comes to “buying decisions”. The pursestrings have become tighter.

What questions to ask

  • Who is your target market?
  • What does your ideal customer profile look like? (Your north star.)
  • Identify what influences their “buying decisions” 

Step #2: Research Playbooks and Methodology

By following the proper research playbook or methodology, you focus your time on what you really need to find and you avoid doing what you might not necessarily need to do.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is when you generate a contact list based on your ideal target market and customer profiles. 

It’s all about getting to know them, but not just getting to know them so you can say something. It’s getting to know them so you (as an individual, as a salesperson) also understands the essence of why you’re even selling your product.

Lead Enrichment

Lead enrichment is the information that you add to your contact list in order to relate to your customers in order to put yourself in a better position with these customers, from the very beginning. 

What we do here is what you call lead enrichment. Enrichment being that you enrich and append the missing information to that list that you already have so you have the proper information to do your outbound or sales process. 

Personal or account-based insights

You can get personalized information that is publicly available. This is really a supplement to the other two playbooks but has its own playbook because of its importance. It allows you to talk to prospects based on their hobbies, where they are, and what they do. This creates a hyper-personalized message to these prospects so you can show them how you can help them and how you can make a difference. That message should center around their specific end goals. What is it that your prospects want to achieve and how can you help them achieve these goals? This can be on a personal level or based on their account (their business, or on a professional level).

Data validation is very important.

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About the guest

daniel viduya

Daniel Viduya

Daniel is the general manager at TaskDrive. TaskDrive focuses on helping B2B sales and marketing teams with their lead research, in order to let those sales and marketing teams focus on their field of expertise: sales and marketing.

How people can people reach the guest:

Website: TaskDrive

LinkedIn: Daniel Viduya

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