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Ep 22: How to find the customer sentiment and heighten customer experience with Amas Tenumah

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Ep 22: How to find the customer sentiment and heighten customer experience with Amas Tenumah

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Problem: How to identify inconsequential problems in order to improve customer experience

Amas and his team have a unique way of getting in peoples’ heads, even without questionnaires or tools. When they are faced with complicated problems, Amas forces himself to take a step back in order to see the big picture, especially if their client (and their client’s customers) are looking for dramatic changes.

Often times it’s these-what seem like-inconsequential problems that end up being the most consequential. 

It is similar to the 80-20 rule. Identify the low hanging fruit and taking care of it in order to quickly remedy an issue in order to improve the customer experience.

The best ideas are fairly simple and, in retrospect, they always seem very obvious. 

The steps to finding these inconsequential problems and solutions to them

1. Journey-mapping

This is the most popular thing that Amas’ team uses. They call it “relationship mapping”. This tool and process lets their client get into the minds of their customers and get as granular as they want.

2. The ability to identify the ‘true moments of truth”

It is important to link those moments of truth with customer sentiment or to customer behavior, not just delivering superficial results.

3. What do you want to optimize for?

Amas forces his clients to organize and list what they want to optimize for, in order to develop a clear understanding of what they and what their customers need. After all, advice will vary depending on what they want to optimize for.

And I also find that a lot of us are burdened to optimize for too many things.

A book on customer loyalty Amas Tenumah suggests:

The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty – by Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi

Being an expert in the customer experience, Amas also has also written a number of books himself, including: 



Your goal shouldn’t be to delight and surprise customers, but to give them this predictable service that is frictionless.

Amas’ mission statement

Human beings and corporations, we are on this earth to do good to others.

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About the guest

Amas Tenumah

Amas Tenumah

Amas is a world-renowned Customer Experience expert who specializes in helping you emotionally connect with your employees and customers to build loyalty. Author of 3 books, who brings his experiences in both business and his personal life to establish a modern understanding of the secret to living life with joy at home and at work, regardless of external circumstances. (from

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