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Ep 19: How to Cater to Different Customers with Justin and Milana Atlan

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Ep 19: How to Cater to Different Customers with Justin and Milana Atlan

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About Clickbank University

Justin and Milana Atlan are cofounders of Clickbank University. The parent company, Clickbank, is the world leader in performance marketing of digital products with over six million clients and distribution in 190 countries. Clickbank University is an education platform that has helped over seventy thousand students learn about and build digital businesses around their passions.

Justin, Milana, and Clickbank are trying to help as many people, as they can, with their digital, SaaS, or online products. They work with customers from different backgrounds and experience in the digital marketplace.

We really just want to try to give as much value as possible. – Justin

Problem: How to service customers with different levels of experience using only one product?

Now, more than ever, education for digital marketing and digital businesses is important but not available through mainstream education. There are no digital marketing courses available through public schools.

The main problem that Justin and Milana have been running into is the diverse levels of experience and knowledge from their students and customers. How do you teach, work, and cater to such a wide range of people with only one product?

The tools and services Justin and Milana work with to tackle the problem

They try to get to each customer’s different level in order to not waste their time or their customer’s time. In order to do this, they utilize live chat and webinars (which function as Q&A’s in order to identify issues individually while allowing the community to listen live).

For their webinars, Justin and Milana turn to GoToWebinar. They chose GoToWebinar specifically because that has been their legacy platform. Because of that, the community recognizes it and works well with it. GoToWebinar is set up with one-way communication so they can field the questions that most benefit the group, but can also message individual customers to answer questions that wouldn’t be as helpful for the group as a whole.

The steps Justin and Milana use to solve this problem

Justin and Milana have found that the key to reaching such a wide variety of students and customers is to allow for flexibility.

  1. Allow the customers to show how knowledgable they are
  2. Give them the opportunity to take different paths depending on their level of knowledge
  3. Have week-by-week plans for the beginners (Clickbank University’s largest clientele)
    1. Eight-week plans for affiliates
    2. Twelve-week plans for vendors

They have a “drip fed” -style program. The first three or four weeks of each path or plan is given to the customer at once. After that, they are given videos and information a little at a time (drop by drop).

There are a lot of places in CBU (Clickbank University) where we cater all across the board. – Milana

They also have expert courses that are available to customers. These are taught by experts in a specific niche (social media, or traffic generation), who teach mini-training courses for the community. These courses are available through their Q&A webinars, which allows for communication between customers and the experts.

How Justin and Milana get their customers to take action

In order to avoid the trend of simply ingesting information and education without taking action, Justin and Milana tried to incentivize the initial action by entering customers into a giveaway when they showed up to their first class. Businesses should be focused on “selling after selling.” The example Justin gives us is of a fictitious “Ab-Cruncher” workout tool. Hundreds of people might have bought one of these, but most of these Ab-Crunchers are just sitting in the garage. Businesses need to ensure that people are using their products after they buy them. 

The books, tools, and resources that affected the creation of Clickbank University

One of the things that helped Justin create Clickbank University was the idea of the 80/20 rule. As in, 20 percent of your hard work creates 80 percent of the results. Another example of this philosophy is the 4-Hour Workweek. Tim Ferriss (the author of the 4-Hour Workweek) suggests outsourcing the tasks you need not be working on yourself. This book also talks about process creation which allows you to scale.

I think there are a lot of holes in our education system. – Milana

Their personal mission statements

Collectively, their personal mission statement is to change education and outlets of education. Milana wants to be able to have options for different types of education and to allow the flexibility to work with and for different types of students. Justin sees each customer and student as a version of himself in the past and tries to focus on how to accelerate their path to financial freedom and success.

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About the guest

Justin and Milana Atlan

Justin and Milana Atlan

Justin Atlan is an entrepreneur, consultant, and an adventurer from the Los Angeles area. Milana is an expert in online marketing, email marketing, and marketing strategy.

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