Positioning your company in the market

Entrepreneur defines positioning as a process of differentiating your product or service from that of your competitors and helps you to determine which market niche to target.


Positioning is how you put your service or products in the eyes of your ideal customer. It’s a complex, but necessary step to take when setting up your business for success. At first, when you are launching your business, you can only guess and have a “theory” on positioning your business in the market.

Once you have a number of customers and you get a clearer picture of how your product or service helps them you can fine-tune your messaging and work on the actual positioning strategy. 

You need to understand

There are a couple of questions you need to ask to understand better your product and how to approach the positioning of it.

After gathering all the answers and data necessary to create a proper positioning strategy:


We solve the following problems on the topic of POSITIONING:


How you position your self in the market


How to find the right pricepoint


How do know which features to build


How to find your ideal customer profile

Getting the positioning of your business right is one of the hardest nuts to crack!

As always we have talked to experts and thought leaders so you can learn from them and you do not have to fall into the same pitfalls.

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