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Ep 34: How Do We Fix Unique Challenges in Large Enterprises with Brett Li

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Ep 34: How Do We Fix Unique Challenges in Large Enterprises with Brett Li

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Problem: How do we fix unique challenges in large enterprises?

When it comes to fixing challenges and problems within organizations and companies, Brett and the people at Tonkean have run into a different type of problem: personalization. Each company has its own unique set of challenges because of their environment.

There is this common notion already today, that every large enterprise is inefficient. The question we ask is, “Why does that have to be?”

So the question remains:

“How do I optimize my unique mix of people, process, and systems?”

The Steps to Solving This Problem

Step 1: What does the ideal process look like?

The specialists at Tonkean look specifically at each organization and, together, they analyze exactly what their ideal processes should look like. 

Let’s map out all of the connection points into this process–which a lot of companies have done.

Step 2: How do we make this process into the ideal process?

After scrutinizing where the enterprise is at (in terms of systems and processes), they find the specific steps needed to turn the ideal process into a reality. 

Is it the best for your people? Are you asking your people to do a lot of unnatural things?

Resources: AdaptivOps

Tonkean isn’t just trying to build a service for the industry, they’re also trying to build a community, which is why they developed AdaptivOps, their online community. It is free to join and is all about operations and topics/trends within. 

The reason why we’re doing this is because there isn’t enough attention placed on operations. Concepts should be shared across different functions.

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About the guest

Brett Li

Brett Li

Brett (the VP of marketing of Tonkean) is highly motivated and passionate about bringing innovative products to market.

How people can people reach the guest:

Website: Tonkean


LinkedIn: Brett Li

Instagram: @tonkeancom

Twitter: @brett_li4

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