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Ep 28: How to Build a Brand with Manuel De Vits

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Ep 28: How to Build a Brand with Manuel De Vits

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Problem: How do you build your own brand in a new industry?

After working in the sales industry, Manuel shifted to a career in the IT field and has been killing it with his brand and in life. He found that the lessons he learned about branding, in his previous career, could be transferred to his new industry. These steps can also be used to expand your network. 

The Steps to Build Your Own Brand:

Step 1: Identify the weaknesses of the industry you are working in

Manuel uses a specific example of communication. In communicating with clients, he has noted a difference between how other companies in the industry treat and talk to customers.

The way I was communicating and engaging with them, it was completely different from what they have experienced from [other companies]. So I was kind of, very quickly, becoming friends with these prospective customers.

Instead of merely demanding money from them, Manuel talks to them openly and candidly, preferring an open and trusting business friendship rather than a “traditional” salesman-to-customer experience.

Step 2: Identify your background and skills and transfer it to this current industry

Even in his shift from sales to IT, Manuel was able to find that these branding techniques still worked. 

Everything they teach me, I think how can I transfer it to this IT industry?

Step 3: Be available

Being available for your clientele promotes a level of trust and openness between your clients and yourself. 

I started to really dive into social media and how I can use social media for me to sell and how I can use social media for me to be popular, so when I reach out to someone, he already knows me. 

Step 4: Be genuine

Manuel’s goal is to leave a good impression with every person that he comes across

People say I’m too optimistic but I see the world, it never fails to me.

Make people interesting in you and reach out to you

No matter if you’re building your network of business associates or if you are reaching out to customers, piquing the interest of others and encouraging them to reach out to you (in a friendly and open way) can create instant bonds. 

I always think about this trick in my mind. I’m not going to sell you something. But I’m going to do everything to give you envy so you will want to buy something from me and this is completely different. 

A few resources on growing your own brand, Manuel suggests:

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It, by Chris Voss

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About the guest

Manuel de Vits

Manuel De Vits

Manuel has spent the last 20 years learning everything there is to know about sales and marketing. He is currently applying this knowledge in his role as a Founder for Valyman Consulting, where he helps people reach the right people and improve sales efficiency. As a B2B sales consultant, he does this by coaching, counselling, and mentoring businesses, C-level, and sales professionals all across Europe (West & East) on delivering real results.

How people can people reach Manuel:

If you reach out to Manuel and tell him that you heard about him through the podcast, he will give you a free trial of one of their services.

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