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Building a Company With a Remote Workforce

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Remote work is becoming popular in almost all industries and countries around the world. Flexibility and freedom to work from home, coffee shop, or any other place is the main perk that remote workforce likes the most. Many businesses are still concerned about allowing their employees to work remotely. They think that they will lose “control”, that the employees will not complete their tasks and cost the business.

When the opposite occurs. People who work remotely, on their own schedule in the preferred environment, tend to be more productive and happy with their jobs, as opposed to their colleagues that are bound to the office life.

So, how do you go about managing a remote team?

Remote work is definitively popular among employees, but how do the managers and business owners tackle managing and scaling their businesses? Manager’s job is to create a productive, harmonious workplace and make sure that all the employees are on top of their tasks and goals.

  • Make a list of employees and their roles and responsibilities
  • Encourage employees to take ownership of their tasks and commitments
  • Clearly define KPIs
  • Set clear expectations
  • Schedule weekly meetings and encourage 1-1 calls when needed
  • Monitor and participate in the communication channels to prevent conflict

Yes, going out of the usual work frame and office life has its own downsides and justified concerns, but there are numerous benefits of remote work for both workers and employers:

  • Increased productivity - people working from home usually get more stuff done without distractions
  • A large talent pool that’s not geographically limited
  • Pre-trained and experienced employees - these people already have a necessary skill set for the job
  • Profitability - reduced costs (office space, equipment, internet, and electrical bills)
  • Employee retention - happier employees would stay longer with the company
remote work

Experts solutions for different remote work problems

With the current global crisis situation, remote work has become the only solution so the businesses can still keep running. We have talked with the experts, from the remote work environment.

Useful tools for remote teams

  • 1Password
  • GitLab
  • Twist
  • Speedtest
  • ToDoist