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David Henzel

David Henzel

David Henzel is a veteran entrepreneur who has been building in the SaaS and e-Commerce space for over 20 years. He has had multiple exits including MaxCDN. His passion is to help entrepreneurs and their organizations succeed.

David runs a small portfolio of startups including TaskDrive (lead research), LTVplus (multilingual live chat and support teams), (Inbound Agency / Backlinks), 50SaaS (SaaS dev shop) and his passion project Managing Happiness (a group coaching and mastermind platform).

The following topics are the ones that David talks about the most

Organizational Development

01: Remote Company Culture

Our company playbook on how to create an incredible remote company culture.

02: Stop wasting your time

How to focus on what really matters for your startup.

03: Your company’s North Star

How Vision, Mission, and Values matter for your organization’s success and how to come up with them.

04: Be customer-centric or die

How to get your team into a customer-centric mindset and measure if you are succeeding or not.

Leadership & Personal Development

01: Bring your A-Game

How to make sure you and your team are always on their A-Game. In life and in business.

02: Managing Happiness

How to apply business principles to your family life.

03: The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

How to build up the emotional resilience you need to be a leader in a startup world.

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